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IJSTR Volume 10 - Issue 2, February 2021 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Dr. Sara Rashid, Dr. Khurram Shakir, Arsalan Ahmed, Dr. Faheem Bukhari, Dr. Nazia Abdul Rehman

Spouse adjustment is regarded as the most notable personal factor playing a vital role in the adjustment of an expat. This study focuses on the determinants of trailing spouse adjustment overseas and their importance in the successful adjustment of an expatriate. The cooperation, commitment and contribution of a partner to the personal and emotional wellbeing of an expatriate can’t be overlooked. This study examines the factors of spouse adjustment across national boundaries and highlights the importance of organizational support and cultural intelligence as factors that aid in adjustment and adaptation of expats and their families in a foreign environment. An online administered survey was carried out in order to analyze the determinants of adjustment of Pakistani trailing spouses in a foreign location. Data was collected using snowball sampling method. The findings of the study emphasize the importance of trailing spouse adjustment in influencing an expatriate’s adjustment during an overseas assignment.

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Peña, C., Kaseng, F., Romero, M.

In the present investigation titled “Current Situation, Perception and Proposal Regarding the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the City of Lima. 2020 ”, its objective is to describe the current situation, the perception of the campaigns and reach a proposal for measures aimed at reducing the gap between the generation and collection of WEEE in the city of Lima. The research is descriptive and has a non-experimental cross-sectional design. As conclusions we have that: there are in the city of Lima and Callao, 93 collection centers, the vast majority of which collect cell phones and accessories, 18.5% of those surveyed affirm that they know the regulations, there is little statistical data on WEEE in the different districts of the city of Lima, the levels of effectiveness of the awareness campaigns, this is very low (2.9% approach the collection centers). Finally we propose measures to reduce the gap between the levels of generation and collection of WEEE.

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Shuaib Mahmud,Tareq Mohammad Faruqi, Mahmudul Hasan

This article illustrated the impact of synthesized micro-structured spinel-type polycrystalline ferrites. The technique of conventional double sintering is used 〖MgFe〗_2 0_4, 〖Mg〗_0.5 〖Zn〗_0.5 〖Fe〗_2 O_4,〖Mg〗_0.35 〖Cu〗_0.20 〖Zn〗_0.45 〖Fe〗_2 O_4 and 〖Mg〗_0.35 〖Cu〗_0.20 〖Zn〗_0.45 〖Mn〗_0.06 〖Fe〗_1.94 O_4 to investigate their impact on the size of the grain, magnetic properties and the effect of divalent substitutions. Impurity phases aren’t detectable in the taken cubic spinel of single phases in the X-ray diffraction patterns. In the sample investigation it was observed that the density was tensed to increase, while the porosity decreased with the replacement of divalent ions. Microstructures show that there is an increase in grain growth as the addition of CuO is attributed to the liquid process due to CuO during sintering. At room temperature, all the samples exhibit a nice homogeneity for the sharp deterioration of  in T. Lower coercivity is found in all samples suggesting that the compounds are a type of soft ferrite magnets.

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Budi Susetyo, Tanzil Budinata, B.P. Kusumo Bintoro

At recent time, with increasing levels of competition and greater demands for efficiency, construction service operators must be able to control or increase the productivity of construction projects. Based on these problems and challenges, the purpose of the research is to measure and know the behavior of various variables that influence the level of productivity, rework, and customer satisfaction on housing development projects. The results of the study can provide benefits for project implementers to control the level of tested variables more directed and systematic. To find out the effect of variables in the system can be done with a SEM PLS approach. Field survey method of solving complex problems that arise due to a causal tendency of various variables in the system. The model approach is needed because of the interaction between elements in the model need to be known. SEM PLS model can also provide recommendations for policy development related to quality management system and customer satisfaction.

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Dr. Obead Mozel O. Alharbi, Saad Saqer W. Alotabi

The study aims to reveal the level of instructional practices supporting Mathematical representation skills of intermediate stage teachers, in accordance with NCTM standards and the impact of years of experience and academic qualification factors. The research followed the descriptive approach through a survey given to a random sample of (36) mathematics teachers in the Quawyiah education department during the year 1440 -1441 AH. The results of the study found that all the instructional practices of the three mathematical representation standards ranged from 55.6-100.0%, except for two practices that are not available at a rate of 47.2% concerning the criteria for building and using mathematical representation to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas, seven instructional practices were at an average level, while four practices were at a low level and the standard level as a whole was low. Regarding the criterion of selecting, applying, and translating mathematical representations to resolve issues, six teaching practices supporting the mathematical representation skills of intermediate-level mathematics teachers were at an average level, while three practices achieved a low level. The standard as a whole was at an average level, and seven teaching practices under the standard of using representations to model and interpret mathematical, natural, and social phenomena achieved an average level as well, while three practices achieved a low level and the standard level as a whole was low. There are no statistical differences in the level of instructional practices in support of the mathematical representation skills of intermediate-level teachers with regard to NCTM standards. There are also statistical function differences among teachers according to years of experience, in the level of teaching practices supporting mathematical representation skills, in intermediate-level teachers considering NCTM standards for highly experienced teachers.

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Dr. Mohamed Alhosnay Adelfattah Etiwa

The purpose of this study is to examine the efficacy of a behavioral cognitive program based on self-regulated techniques to enhance the level of attention of pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. To conduct the objective of the research, the researcher adopted the semi-Experimental Method and selected an experimental sample of (20) pupils at elementary school. The results of the study confirmed the efficiency of the training program and its role in improving the level of attention of pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The study findings also found that are significant differences in the children's attention rating scale between home and school models in pretest and posttest in favor of the posttest measurement. Besides, there are no differences between the pretest and posttest and follow-up measurements of the children's attention scale in school and home models.

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Chairul Insani Ilham, Dahlia Dewi Apriani, Raffi Muhammad, Besar Alviansyah

The congestion that occurs in Palembang City is caused by the number of vehicles that have exceeded the road capacity. One way to reduce congestion in Palembang is by shifting road loads to the Musi River. research will be carried out on prospects service users to switch from the land mode, namely city transportation (public transportation) to river mode, namely water buses on the Kertapati-16 Ilir route, by comparing traveling time and cost between these modes. If the general cost of water buses is cheaper than the general cost of public transportation, the proportion of water bus use can reach 53%. If the general cost of water buses and city transportation has a price value that is comparable or nearly the same or greater, then the proportion of water bus service users ranges from 30-40 percent, so it is possible that the desire of service users to use water buses is possible.

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Zahir Shah Safari, Phebe Ding, Ashuqullah Atif, Mohammad Wali Salari, Siti Fairuz Yusoff

Fusarium fruit rot is caused by Fusarium oxysporum is one of the damaging postharvest losses in tomato production. Synthetic pesticides are widely and repetitively used to control this disease, unfortunately, it lead to detrimental effects on human health, environment and increase fungal resistance. This study aimed to identify Fusarium oxysporum by both morphological and molecular characterization that caused tomato fruit rot, as well as to study the effects of edible coating agents in vitro towards Fusarium oxysporum mycelium growth. In this study, pathogenicity test showed Fusarium oxysporum is most sever fungi with disease severity 72%, as well as among coating agents 5% CaCl2 was able to inhibited mycelium growth of Fusarium oxysporum up to 53.5% and 15 mM vanillin up to 76.68%. This study proved that 15 mM vanillin has a potent natural antifungal agent against Fusarium oxysporum mycelium growth.

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Ayed T. Alharbi

The present study aims to identify the appropriateness of the goals, and contents of “Introduction to Curricula and Teaching Methods” Course for students' needs and aptitudes and the relevance of teaching aids and the principles of course objectives. The researcher followed the Descriptive-Analysis approach to conduct this study. To achieve the objectives of the study, a random sample that consisted of two groups has been chosen. The first group is Students of the College of Education who studied the course during the academic year 1441-1442 and the number in this group is (50) students. The second group is teaching staff at the colleges of education; the total number in this group is (10) professors. In terms of data collection, the survey has been selected as a tool for collecting the required data, including course objectives, content, teaching aids, and evaluation methods. Upon the analysis of the data, the researcher reached the following results: from students' and staff members' perspectives, there is a complete agreement that the course objectives, content, learning aids, and evaluation techniques meet the students' needs and community needs.

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Rabnawaz Sarmad Uqaili, Faraz Bashir Soomro, Junaid Ahmed Uqaili, Ahsin Murtaza Bughio, Khalid Ali Khan

In this study, a physical-based radio-frequency (RF) compact equivalent circuit model (CECM) for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) transistor and its parameter extraction is presented. The whole structure of CECM that includes a small-signal equivalent circuit model of the transistor, a MOSFET small-signal substrate model, an input and output ground-signal-ground (GSG) pad model, a pad coupling model and a metal interconnection model are briefly studied and discussed. Based on this study, a complete test structure model for RF CMOS is designed and the initial values of parameters are extracted by using the analytical method. The multi-bias scattering parameters (S-Parameters) of model correspondence to the experimentation are validated up to 66 GHz and 220 GHz respectively. A good agreement has been achieved between the simulation and experimental under multi-bias conditions.

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Telal Mirghani Hassan Khalid

This study is offered to an attempt to a glaring problem of the influential role of professional learning communities on teachers’ performance. The study investigates how far PLCs promote teachers’ collaboration at Qatari schools that reflects positively on students’ outcome in their academic achievement. professional learning communities programs at Qatari schools need reformation due to the lack of norms , trust and communication. The study is based on clarifying the professional learning communities related to teaching-learning collaboratively .The study adopts descriptive-analytical method. The questionnaire is employed as a tool to gather the data. The participants were eighty one (81) teachers who teach different curriculums ,are distributed in Qatari preparatory schools in the state of Qatar. The author figured out that PLCs have more advantages for teachers’ performance at schools than being mandated. Teachers’ collaboration with a focus on assessment is more highly associated with students achievement. Also , The study has figured out teachers are struggling to take apart in the professional learning communities sessions at schools for the sake of school administrators to attend mandatory. The psychological factor of transmitting teachers to other schools causes dysfunction of norm , trust and communication unless the school administrators and academic representatives support and enhance professional learning communities at schools.

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Ramaiyulis, Ulva Mohtar Lutfi, Riva Hendriani, John Nefri

This study aims to evaluate the performance of the biogas plant to process cow dung in small-scale farms in rural areas. This biogas plant uses a digester from a 3,000-liter polyethylene tank equipped with a concrete inlet and outlet tub. The tank is planted into the ground upside down and connected to the inlet and outlet tub using 4 '' PVC pipes, as well as the gas line to the stove with a plastic hose, while the stove uses a modified LPG stove. The results of the digester performance test showed that the biogas production rate ranged from 96-104 liters/hour so that 1,244 liters of biogas were accumulated in the morning, 576 liters in the afternoon, and 589 liters in the afternoon. The total gas accumulated in the digester provides pressure between 150-220 mmH2O and is enough to push biogas from the digester to the stove. The use of biogas can turn on 2 ignition stoves at once in the morning for 230 minutes, afternoon for 112 minutes, and evening for 116 minutes. Environmental conditions in the digester with a pH of 7.5 and a constant temperature of 25 ºC can support the anaerobic fermentation process in the digester to produce an optimal and constant rate of biogas production. The residual fermentation slurry from the digester produced a total of 183 liters/day and contained 1.76% nitrogen, 0.81% P2O5, and 0.49% K2O. This biogas processing unit is suitable for developing small scale farmers in rural areas to run environmentally friendly livestock businesses.

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Ahsin Murtaza Bughio, Junaid Iqbal, Khalil Muhammad Zuhaib, Junaid Ahmed Uqaili, Toufique Ahmed Soomro, U. A. Khan

For the RF analog applications, the two variants of FinFETs i.e., Independent gate (IG) and Short-circuited gate (SG) must be analyzed to understand the effect of different biases at the two gates. The variability of the device due to process variations fluctuates in accordance to the FinFET bias, at least for DC output. This paper provides a novel and systematic study of variability focusing on AC parameters in both SG and IG conditions for a 2-dimensional FinFET. Green's Function technique which uses the linearization of the non-linear responses is used to conduct the research utilizing a quasilinear state for the study of nonlinear variability [1], [2]. Study of FinFET's AC variability involves physical and geometric parameters which are most relevant for our analysis, as the parasitics of the FinFET are significantly affected by these parameters. The parasitics also varied with the two variants of the FinFET device.

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Morales Ramos, Jorge Guillermo, Esteves Pairazamán, Ambrocio Teodoro ,González Zavaleta, Lorenzo Edmundo, Melgarejo Ángeles Wilder Enrique, Melgarejo Reyes, Jeanette Karina

The objective of this study is to develop an Environmental Management Program to promotes the environment sustainability in universities located in the Lambayeque region. In this regard, through research on problem it arises what extent the design of an Environmental Management Program based on ISO 14001 contributes to sustainable development of the universities located in the Lambayeque Region? The hypothesis is that the implementation of an Environmental Management Program based on ISO 14001 will contribute to sustainable development in the universities of the Lambayeque region. This work corresponds to a prospective research with a focus on qualitative study to respond to a problem statement; It aims to establish a comprehensive perspective on reality and integrate in a multidisciplinary research. The preliminary diagnosis and the results were obtained, states that the universities located in the Lambayeque Region does not have a built environmental management system and one that only applies an Environmental Management Program Environmental isolated context. Analysis Management Program proposed to be implemented, will benefit the community in general and the universities included in the Lambayeque Region.

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Ambrocio Teodoro Esteves Pairazamán, Lorenzo Edmundo González Zavaleta, Jorge Guillermo Morales Ramos, Freddy Álbaro Manayay LLaguento, Carlos Alberto Chirinos Mundaca

The present project is of an applied type, explanatory method, non-experimental design with cut section, the stated objective is to determine if the attitude of nurses affects the perception of care of patients with acute respiratory failure, from the emergency service of the Hipólito Unanue National Hospital, the data was collected through the patient survey method, as a technique questionnaires were carried out on the attitude of nurses and its effect on the perception of care, the procedures of the data collected were processed with the program (SPSS 25), information analysis was used for the chi2 test, a population of 150 patients was obtained who go to the emergency service, it is concluded that the attitude of nurses is regularly favorable, in the ethical dimensions it is perceived a regularly favorable attitude, likewise in the dimensions of people's needs, reaction is favorable or unfavorable, emotional support, empathy and qualities of nursing are at a regular level of satisfaction, the attitude of nurses and the perception of patient care positively affects, since the hypothesis with a lower P value is accepted than 0.05, where there is acceptance of the hypothesis in the effect between both variables.

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Monica Cruz, Lizzette Perez, Angel Ojeda

The aim of this article is to present a literature review of what organizations in healthcare business do to protect the patients’ private information, how breaches and vulnerabilities occurs, and the impact in healthcare institutions. The importance of reinforcement of information technology (IT) systems to protect it from cyberattacks. Forty-five articles related to the theme of cybersecurity, cyberattacks, healthcare institutions, HIPPA Privacy Rule, and patient’s health information from 2015 to 2020 was used to write this article. Cyberattacks are easy to execute in devices that have weak IT or security systems. Healthcare institutions have the obligation to invest in strong software’s to ensure the protection of patient’s health information. In this article, we are going to present what healthcare institutions do to protect the patient's information to avoid the implications involving data theft and how these institutions reinforce its’ IT systems to protect it from cyberattacks. How cybersecurity is affected, examples of cybersecurity threats, and the importance of preserving a patient’s health information will be discussed.

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Ahmed Obralic

The purpose of the study is to present the significance of the lightening for an individuals' perception, attitudes, feelings, behavior, and achievement. The research deals with daylighting and controlled daylight, as well as artificial light. It highlights the correlation between light and human needs. The study presents a wide theoretical review on the topic that offers suggestions and recommendations. The findings of the study deal with the particular environment: the classroom and demonstrates the samples of lightening design. The study shows the significance of lightning determining the interior environmental quality and it has a huge contribution to school and classroom design.

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Balgayev A.B. –docent, PhD, Balgaeva Sh.A. –PhD

The present paper examines the features of the formation of urbanization of the oases in Central Asia. The presented scheme of inter-settlement service is designed to provide the most complete coverage of the urban and rural population of oases in the context of the organization of promising group settlement systems based on territorial – production complexes and an improved transport structure.

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Ambrocio Teodoro Esteves Pairazamán, Jorge Guillermo Morales Ramos, Lorenzo Edmundo González Zavaleta, Wilder Enrique Melgarejo Ángeles, Jeanette Karina Melgarejo Reyes

This research was disegned with the objetive of analyze nursing strategies in unwanted pregnancy in teenagers between 14 to 19 years old in the woman section of San Martin Health Center from Villa El Salvador District 2020. In this district we collect documented information in order to carry out studies about the variables as nursing strategies and unwanted pregnancy prevention. This research is an applied, descriptive, non-experimental, cross sectional, quantitative research. Its sample universe was made up of 220 teenagers patient attended on a monthly basis with an anonymous survey questionnaire that was applied to quantify their knowledges and attitudes before to implementing nursing strategies. The collected information was achieved with SPPS version 25, the T–Student Hypothesis was applied, which resulted in the value being less than (0.05), concluding that the nursing strategies are correct to avoid unplannified pregnancy, therefore, the reliability level was used at 95%.

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Dadan Nur Ramadan, Sugondo Hadiyoso*, Hafidudin, M. Dzakwan Falih, M. Fajar Nugroho Alam

Blank spots are still a problem in some areas in Indonesia so that in some areas internet data services are not covered. One solution to overcome this problem is by building a transceiver system using an Open Source Mobile Communication (OSMOCOM). However, this system has relatively low power with a narrow coverage area, so a multisite scheme is needed to cover a wider area. Therefore, in this study, an open source cellular network based on OSMOCOM was developed and implemented that can deliver mobile network with data services and supports multisite schemes. We designed this system as a second and half generation (2.5) of cellular communication technology. From the test results of the realized system, the multisite network can work synchronously where the Mobile Station has received data services at all realized sites. Mobile Station can access the internet with an average throughput of 52.8 Kbps and guaranteed package loss of not more than 10%. Handover mechanism can work properly where it can move the Mobile Station from the original cell to the neighboring cell and vice versa based on the power received criteria. In the future, the proposed system is expected to be applied in remote areas or areas which is not covered by cellular services.

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Amal Hassan M.Alsuhaimi , Sabah M.Alzahrani

Block-chain is getting popular and it is one of the most common topics that can be considered. it has also changed the lifestyles of many people in certain fields, because of the impact on businesses and combines. Blockchain ensures more reliable and appropriate resources and it is very crucial to keep in mind that the security and privacy have some obstacles as any technology in this fields. The spectrum of blockchain applications is very extended into different areas in banking, health, automotive, the Internet of Things (IoT) etc. Many studies concentrate on using the block-chain data model in different implementations. In this paper we try to describe block-chain technology by discussing its model of a data protection and privacy perspective with different consensus algorithms, as well as issues and opportunities in block-chains.

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Nor Hayati Jaya, Nur Rasfina Mahyan, Sinarwati Mohamad Suhaili, Mohamad Nazim Jambli, Wan Solehah Wan Ahmad

Chatbot is an artificial intelligent application that can converse with a user through textual or auditory method. The chatbot can give a response according to their characteristic and domain knowledge. This study aims to evaluate the use of chatbot named eLVA among students at the Centre for Pre University Studies. A series of 10 questions was distributed to 40 students to evaluate the use of eLVA after they have experienced it. The results indicated that chatbot are most likely to be very helpful in teaching and learning because it has helped students getting an instant response. However, results showed that the main reason for students to stop using chatbot involved getting incorrect information and worried about Chatbot making mistakes. The result further show that there is no significant difference in the use of eLVa between male and female students. The study also found that there is no significant correlation between study program (Physical Sciences/Life Sciences) towards the use of eLVA.

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Indah Kencanawati, Asni Johari, Revis Asra , Syaiful

The aim of this research to analyze procedures and process of expert assessment of modification of inquiry models which is focused on the Theory-driven type F1-O1-S1-A1 conceptual development research on biology learning. This research involved expert reviews in synthesizing the modification of inquiry models procedure. In this research process of expert assessment was measured by using an observation sheet, which consisted of ten statements to get information about the expert's views of the analysis process of the modification of inquiry models on biology learning, while the process of expert assessment of modification of inquiry models was observed throughout Delphi technique. The results showed procedure of modification of inquiry models using the conceptual learning design procedure type F1-O1-A1-S1 consisted of seven stages, namely: analysis of problems, formulating hypotheses, collecting data, comparing communication between groups, making conclusions, communicating results and reviewing result through critical analysis. The expert's assessment begins with determining the objective of the assessment, preparing the assessment instrument, determining the assessment technique and determining the expert. The results of the expert assessment was observed throughout in-depth interviews using the Delphi technique show that the modification of inquiry models was good and very good categories. This showed analysis procedure and process of modification of the inquiry models is feasible to be implemented for the next stage (implementation stage) on biology learning.

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Ansam M. Abed, Fadhil S. Hassan

In this paper, an effective design and implementation of the Multi-user orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based orthogonal chaotic vector shift keying (Multi-User OFDM-OCVSK) system over multipath fading channel by using field programmable gate array (FPGA) platform is presented. The system model is designed and implemented using Xilinx system generator (XSG) tool with Vivado 2019.1 software. The Xilinx System Generator (XSG) is used because it is more reliable, flexible, easy to update and modify the system design in addition to give the perfect design for FPGA technique compared with the traditional FPGA design. The VHDL code file is generated and the hardware co-simulation of the suggested system is performed on the Kintex 7 KC705 evaluation kit. The system is routed in successfully using Vivado 2019.1 program with 100 MHZ clock frequency. The results of hardware simulation prove that the system is worked in the correct form in real time process.

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Jennifer A. Berces

Research productivity is one of the indicators of a great university being assessed by higher education institution. This study developed a model exploring the research capacity status of and challenges encountered by the faculty members of a university, and the possible measures to the problems encountered. The model guided by the theories of motivation and human capital could enhance the research productivity in sustaining the research culture of a university through research capacity enhancement, research dissemination and research utilization. This can provide opportunities of motivation mechanism and continuously encourage faculty members to be involved in the conduct of research. This can also help the campus research management to formulate strategies and support system that would address the challenges encountered and implement viable research policies to and guidance in undertaking relevant research activities

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Anton Prayitno, Febi Dwi Widayanti

This study aims to capture students' thinking error in the construction of mathematical proof, therefore this research is classified as a mixed methods. Student errors in mathematical proof are a reflection of her thinking. If these errors are not resolved, it will have an impact on students' thinking when working on further mathematical proof. This research was conducted on mathematics education students by asking students to complete proof of rational numbers. The results showed that the proof of thinking error occurs when students provide proof by providing a number or an example of a certain number. Actually students are able to do the proof that is given at the beginning of completing, but the resulting proof of the answer changes by entering numbers into the proof. The mistakes made by students are not only limited to corrections, but must be followed up by strengthening concept understanding and mastery of techniques and mathematical proof strategies.

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Deni Darmawan

The language competence is obtained through the bio-communication stimuli given in the forms of visual presentation of still text and moving text; the pronunciation of still text and moving text; and visual, audio, and pronunciation presentations. Through the laboratory experiment method and with the support of the electroencephalography. The findings indicate that ability of the frontal lobe constantly increased from 7 to 17 MHz; the temporal fluctuated between 13 and 22 MHz; the Occipital was stable with 4 waves; the amplitude was also stable at 21 MHz, and the response rate was stable at 25.30 MHz. These findings are expected to contribute to the way learning materials are packaged to support the improvement of language competence by their teachers.

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Nurdin Nurdin

Despite the burgeoning number of studies of e-government implementation, very few scholars have focused on the relationship between e-Government implementation success and the roles of actors' collaboration in particular within a local government context. Drawing on Van de Ven (2005) collective action theory, this paper endeavors to conduct an in-depth investigation through a case study of government actors perform collective action in local e-government implementation. Data were gathered through field observation, in-depth interviews, and written material. The data, then, were analyzed using the grounded theory approach through open, axial, and theoretical coding. By claiming that technology is fundamentally a collective action process, this study investigates the logic embedded in the actors' collaboration to build and implement e-Government at the local level. This study found that local government actors successfully perform a collective action in local e-government implementation through a harmony of coordination, cooperation, communication, and sharing responsibilities among local actors. Local e-government systems and infrastructures were built and implemented through intensive coordination and collaboration with the central government, internal local government, and private actors. Responsibilities to develop and maintain the local e-government systems and infrastructures are shared across local institutions.

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Selvia Erita, Muhammad Rusdi, M Naswir, Jefri Marzal

This study aims to develop a conceptual procedure for the Problem Based Learning model by integrating flipped classrooms that are focused on conceptual development research based on Theory Driven type F1-O1-S1-A1. This study involved expert review in synthesizing the modified conceptual procedure model of PBL with FC. The observation sheet is used for the conceptualization analysis of the modification of the PBL model with FC which aims to obtain input and expert opinion on the subject matter developed through the application of the Delphi technique to improve mathematical argumentation skills. From the results of modifying the pbl model by integrating the flipped classroom, we get a new model called the Problem Based Learning-Flipped Classroom Model (PBL-FC Model). The PBL-FC model is designed in learning to enable students to construct meanings from spoken, written and graphic messages through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, concluding, comparing and explaining. Data analysis of argumentation skills was carried out using t-test. Based on the significance value of 0.000 ≤ 0.05 by using the t-test, there is an increase in mathematical argumentation skills in the application of the PBL-FC Model. This research recommendation is expected to be a theoretical basis for researchers and educators in measuring other skills.

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Lies K. Wulandari, Sudirman Indra, Munasih

Blackwater domestic waste is a type of wastewater that comes from human waste, so it needs proper treatment before being discharged into the river. So far, blackwater waste processing is carried out by storing it in a septic tank or directly channeling it to a sewage system to be processed in a domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL). This study aims to increase the effectiveness of domestic wastewater treatment from communal IPAL using a physical model consisting of 2 processing processes, namely a stratified filter and a wetland. This study applied a stratified filter method consisting of gravel, activated charcoal and cast sand, then continued with a wetland system consisting of Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiveria zizanioides) plants. The research variables observed were variations of wastewater discharge (X1), variations in thickness of sand (X2), wetland residence time (X3) at intervals of 2 days, 4 days and 6 days, and water quality parameters (Y) consisting of Fe. The data analysis method used is Linear Regression with the help of the SPSS program. The results showed that the use of a physical model consisting of multilevel filters and wetland was able to improve the quality of wastewater, where the output produced had met the quality standards of class IV agricultural water. The blackwater model for stratified filters and for Fe Akar wangi, obtained an equation of Wangi Root Fe = 374,489 - 1,787 X1 * - 9,127 X2 * - 13,383 X3 * + e1 with R Square 97.4% (X1, minute; X2, thickness of sand: X3 , day; * significant).

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Dede Hasanah, Ando Fikri Hakim, Yosi Oktri, Oktoruddin Harun

The background of this study is that hypertension is a degenerative disease and also the most common cause of cardiovascular case and also a major problem in developed and developing countries.Based on data at Internal Clinic of Sayang Regional Hospital Cianjur, hypertension patients are still quite high, with an average of 311 people per month. One way to treat hypertension disease is hypertension exercise. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of hypertension exercise to decrease blood pressure in patients with hypertension at the Internal Clinic of Sayang Regional Hospital Cianjur. The research method was used experimental design with one group pretest and posttest without control group. The populations of this study were 311 respondents, with total sample of 17 respondents using non-probability sampling technique.Data collecting technique was using blood pressure observation sheets before and after being given hypertension exercise, then statistically tested using Wilcoxon test analysis. The results of Wilcoxon test analysis showed that the P value for systolic blood pressure was 0.000 which is less than 0.05 and for diastolic blood pressure was 0.000 which also less than 0.05.Therefore, it is concluded that there is an effect of hypertension exercise to decrease blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Research conclusion and suggestion is it expected that the results of this study can be used as an alternative to non-pharmacological therapies to treat patients with hypertension at Internal Clinic of Sayang Regional Hospital Cianjur.

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Mohammed Mnzool Mohammed

A failure at mining sites is a basic cause of death, serious injuries, economic and production losses. As open pit mines get larger and deeper with its related high risk of failure and consequences, slope monitoring methods become more important. Sub-surface methods and surface methods are common methods that have been applied to monitor stability of slope. Survey monitoring is technique of surface methods which include total station; global positioning system (GPS) and slope stability radar (SSR) are pointed as the most recent monitoring instruments in mining fields. Early detection of failure in mine slope can help implement appropriate monitoring technique and minimise failure effects. Slope monitoring in mining environment basically eliminates the residual risk associated with uncertainty in design and can play leading part of the final design implementation. Accurate monitoring program is a detailed plan of reporting procedures with a list of data collection by Geological engineer at early time, then processing and summarising the data to present it in simple format that is easy to read and identify problem area quickly.

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Fuja Novitra, Festiyed, Yohandri

This study aims to examine the effect of the Networked-based Inquiry Model on students’ 21st-Century Skills in physics learning. This study used a nonequivalent control group design model with a 2x3 factorial design. The research subjects comprised 6 classes from 3 different schools with 120 students. The research data were analyzed descriptively and the two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was based on a significance level of 5%. The findings show that the Networked-based Inquiry Model has higher effectiveness than the inquiry-based learning model in improving students’ 21st-Century Skills. Therefore, the Networked-based Inquiry Model can be a solution in implementing learning to follow the demands of the 21st-Century, especially in developing students’ 21st-Century Skills.

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Hartono, Hartono., Restu Lanjari., Wahyu Lestari., Fitri Daryanti.

Offering and dance performances, as a cultural expression is a characteristic of Indonesian society. The ritual show of popular dance performances is an educational means for early childhood children. The purpose of this research is to analyze the meaning of the offerings in the ritual of popular dance performances as a cultural expression in early childhood education. This method of research uses qualitative methods. Data collection using observations and interviews. Data validity is done with triangulation techniques. Data analysis is conducted with a cultural approach, along with the process of collecting data done by reducing, withdrawing conclusions with classification through domain analysis, taxonomy, and components, and the discovery of themes to describe thoroughly and present findings of the meaning of the research focus. The results of the study in general that offerings as a part of the activities of the folk arts and cultural values owned by the Indonesian. In particular, those offerings have the magical meaning of both individuals and community groups. The offerings form in the form of various media, as a means of communication with the "ancestors" and also the "ruler of supra-natural " around the territory. The educational value for early childhood is (Faith, Steady, tranquility, and confidence). This research implies that educational values are contained in the offerings as a basic laying of educational value and reinforcement of personality values for early childhood children. The value of education in the offerings can be the enrichment of teaching materials of arts and culture for both formal, non-formal, and informal education for the people of Indonesia.

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Isti Fadah, Yudha Alif Auliya, Yustri Baihaqi, Mohammad Zarkasi

Ambulu Village is a village located in Sumberasih District, Kab. Probolinggo. The majority of the population works as farmers and breeders. Some people in Ambulu Village cultivate catfish on a home industry scale and have not yet developed it professionally. UMKM "catfish PANTURA" is an initiation of proposers through community service programs. In 2018 the proposer carried out community service activities and focused on the main problem in "Pantura Catfish", namely diversification of processing and innovation in organic catfish cultivation. UMKM "catfish PANTURA" still has several problems, the first is the lack of power of women. Only men involved in cultivating marketing. The second problem is the increasing number of other village people who develop catfish cultivation so that the "PANTURA catfish" UMKM requires diversification of processed products to increase the selling price of catfish. The third problem is that marketing is still done manually by selling directly to middlemen or peddling around the Sumberasih sub-district. Seeing the problems and potentials of the catfish group "PANTURA", a women's cooperative called "PUTRI PANTURA" was initiated. Cooperatives are intended for mothers who have been unproductive. The concept of a cooperative that is formed is not only a savings and loan cooperative but also manages the management of cultivation, products, and marketing. To support the operation of women's cooperatives, product diversification training is also given to increase the selling value of organic catfish products. To facilitate cooperative management and product marketing, an e-cooperative system was designed. The e-cooperative system has collaborated with the E-Commerce system that has been developed previously.

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Bambang Suhardi, Frisheila Sely Apriliana, Taufiq Rochman, Iksan Adiasa

One of the main activities in the library is reading which requires a good level of lighting. The intensity of lighting in the reading room based on the measurement result is 179.5 lux. Which does not meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 6197-2011 at 300 lux. This condition causes the users of the reading room experience discomfort in the form of dizziness, tired eyes, sore eyes, and difficulty to finding books. This study aims to design artificial lighting in the reading room of the Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) central library on the 4th floor of library building. This research is conducted in three steps. In the first step, energy audit is performed based on SNI 6196-2011. In the second step, we identify the existing lighting. There are three substeps in this second step, namely: 1) determining the coordinates of measurement based on SNI 16-7062-2004, 2) measuring lighting intensity, and 3) comparing the actual lighting intensity with the minimum lighting intensity based on SNI 6197-2011. The third step deals with the improvement of lighting using artificial lighting with the following two substeps, mamely: determine the ranking of the lamps brands using Fuzzy AHP, and determine the energy consumption index (IKE) of the proposed lighting brand. The initial IKE calculation is 0.81 watt/month/m2 and it is included in the efficient category. The fuzzy AHP calculation result shows that Philips lighting brand is ranked 1 with a weight of 0.46, OSRAM brand is ranked 2 with a weight of 0.39, and Hannoch brand is ranked 3 with a weight of 0.15. IKE for the proposed artificial lighting is 1.449 kWh/month/m2 and it is included in the efficient category.

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Maham Fatima, Haroon Ur Rashid Kayani, Fatma Hussain, Hafiz Burhan Ul Haq

Computer Simulations are useful means for the modeling of the many systems in natural sciences. Arthritis is normally the inflammation of joints. Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis are common forms of arthritis. Different tests are used by physicians for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of arthritis. However, advanced computational modeling techniques based on Python, MATLAB, machine learning, and artificial neural networks are being used for this purpose for the last few decades. This review highlights the contribution of different algorithms used to assess diverse pathophysiological aspects of arthritis. These algorithms can improve performance automatically and have great potential to expand current biomedical knowledge about arthritis. It is capable of finding new features and correlations in datasets that mostly include laboratory analysis, medical history, gene sequences, and electronic health records.

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Dr. Rehmat Karim, Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah, Ghulam Ali, Dr. Karamat Ali, Amjad Ali, Ghulam Muhammad Shah

Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Pakistan, is one of the most scenic parts of the world, which is blessed with unique natural resources. The major income of the people of the region is derived from tourism which is growing exponentially. However, no consistent and reliable data is available about the contributions of the tourism sector to the socioeconomic development of the area, both at local and national level. To address, this problem a research was initiated in the Hunza-Negar districts of GB. The standard Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) procedure and Tables were used for the purpose. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data for various inputs to the TSA. The respondents included inbound tourists, domestic tourists, day tripper, hotels and restaurants, passengers Transport Service providers, retailers etc. A total of 428 questionnaires were filled from various segments of respondents randomly selected from various cluster, and the response rate was 78.96%. The study was unique in its nature both at the regional and national levels. The study revealed that, there is high leakage of the revenue from tourism and hence the trickle down effects of the tourism sector is minimal. Huge investment has been made in last two decades in the construction of concrete structures with no regulation from building control authorities, leading to high unsustainable built environment in the region. The heavy influx of tourists and subsequent construction of new hotels and restaurants, has created heavy pressure on the land and trend of rapid urbanization. The local productivity has not been linked with the tourism sector and hence the socioeconomic development of the region is not happening in line with the expansion of the tourism sector. Based on the findings and observations of the study, policy recommendations have been made to the provincial and federal governments.

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Bambang Suhardi, Karima Batennia M, Rahmaniyah D A

The highest number of industrial workers who experience Musculoskeletal Disorders is in the garment industry, which is equal to 65.2%. PT. Panen Mas Jogja is a company engaged in the garment sector. PT. Panen Mas Jogja has a production target per day of 720 products for each line. But actually, the average of product that cannot be achieved is 34.32%. Based on the assessment of work posture using REBA method, it is known that 71% of the work elements need improvement, 19% of the work elements may need improvement and 10% of the elements need to be improved immediately. The work element that has the highest risk of posture is then assessed using the NBM questionnaire. Based on the assessment, the work element of taking the product and putting the product in the yarn removal activity have the highest final score of 72. Because these work elements have the same work station, improvement will be made for the yarn removal activity.

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Bahaa Razia

This paper identifies risk factors and how these risks are perceived in the construction industry within conflict zones, where risks are inherently greater and different. This involves identifying risk variables and aspects that affect how stakeholders shape their perceptions and make informed decisions. The research began by examining stakeholders in the construction industry within conflict zones, using the case study of Palestine. A qualitative research was adopted to gain a better understanding of the situation, using two sets of semi-structured stakeholders interviews and a review of policy documentation. The interview findings were transcribed, translated and analysed. A range of risk variables was uncovered, including movement restrictions, limitations in the locations of construction and problems related to particular policies. The findings also confirmed the applicability of different theories and revealed other aspects that affect risk perception, particularly: cultural, social and psychometric, as well as the process of policy implementation and validation. The interviewees considered that inappropriate implementation of policies is the main cause of poor construction development, followed by restrictions in movement and poor land management. This implies that there are problems and a lack of understanding in dealing with risk perception in the construction industry within conflict zones.

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Mahmoud S. El-kady, Essam Farouk, Wassef Ounaies, Muhammad Tariq Bashir

Slope stability is one of the most important problems in geotechnical engineering because failure could cause catastrophic environmental and human disaster, in addition to large economical losses due to such failure. The simplest solution to handle with slope failures is to avoid the failed zones and choose safer locations to move the projects which are decided to be constructed nearby the failed slopes. The paper delineates the effects of geofoam on soft clayey slopes which contain weak layers. This emphasis is given to the slope geometry, loading, and geofoam material that are numerically simulated using the finite element technique. In addition, the proposed stabilizing system is employed, presented, and analyzed. The analysis of the embankment is performed by the limit equilibrium analysis program (Slide V6.003). The increase in the geofoam thickness from 0.0m to 1.0m resulted in a noticeable increase in the safety factor for loaded and unloaded slopes. On another hand, increase in geofoam thickness from 1.0m up to 4.0m in case of unloaded slope, the safety factor is still constant for about 2.10. A consistent increase in the safety factors is noticed as a result of increasing the geofoam thickness from 0.0m up to 4.0m. Moreover, there is a slight decrease in the safety factor for loaded slopes during different values of geofoam position from the road level. The main factors which affect the slopes stabilized with geofoam such as, geofoam width, thickness, and position of the geofoam from the road level are also presented and discussed.

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Surasee Prahmkaew

This research aims to develop the higher security system at university’s computer laboratory room. The system integrated of EAS, Arduino and 3G module (UC15-T) in box which is created to notify for better security system. Arduino microcontroller that are using as preliminary stand-alone box, then we program to control this device to send the notification to laboratory administrator via short message service. The EAS used RFID tag as trigger to detect person to bring the RFID which attached to the valuable things across the EAS pole. Then the Arduino detect the signal from the EAS system if one of any RFID tags across the pole mean stealing occurs, then the Arduino will order the 3G module (UC15-T) to send the short message to notify laboratory administrator. The system is well performed, reliable, and give us with impressive results

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Edward Alfin, M. Yanuar J. Purwanto, Hadi Susilo Arifin, Satyanto Krido Saptomo

Rapid economic growth followed by increased urbanization has resulted in an increase in water demand in an area. Like the independent city of Sentul City, Bogor Regency, the developer of the Sentul region that carries the concept of an independent city with its commercial area must meet its water needs independently. The purpose of this study is to look for strategies for meeting the right water infrastructure in. the independent area. The method used in this research is the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The results showed that the priority strategy for fulfilling clean water infrastructure in the commercial area of Sentul is the urban specific water infrastructure development strategy. This study also indicates that the priority goal for fulfilling the strategy is to improve the infrastructure of water harvesting in accordance with the needs of clean water. It is also known that the factors that influence the fulfillment of clean water infrastructure are Economic and Ecological Factors. Next to the actor who played a role in the initial conditions is the Government.

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Nofrans Eka Saputra, Yun Nina Ekawati, Verdiantika Annisa, Agus Syarif

This study aims to perform a validity construct by using a factor analysis on the measuring instrument of entrepreneurial characters in Universitas Jambi. Students following the Program of Entrepreneur Students of Universitas Jambi were the population of this study. A random sampling was used as the sample collection technique by involving 123 students. The measuring instrument of entrepreneurial characteristics is categorized into three skill categories, namely personal skill (critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, spiritual and religious scales), interpersonal skill (negotiation and communication scale), and group skill (cooperation and leadership scale). The results of this study showed that the construct validity by using the Principal Component Analysis with orthogonal rotation and varimax extraction produced several factors that were successfully extracted into each component of the scales on the measuring instrument of entrepreneurial characters. The results of the reliability test on the internal consistence with Guttman’s method showed satisfactory reliability scores on all scales with 0.700 of average reliability score. The norm of the measuring instrument used the hypothetical standard of deviation both for each component or the whole measuring instrument. The instrument has been supported by satisfactory construct validity and reliability, thus it can be used to assess the potential of entrepreneurial characters owned by students.

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Shafique Awan, Aijaz Ahmed Arain, Kashif Mehmood, Fida Hussain Khoso, Abdullah Ayub Khan

Nowadays, human sentiment analysis is one of the biggest challenges for computing technology researchers. Intelligent methods are used to capture human facial expressions then these expressions are analyzed by means of emotions, feelings, thinking, and behavior. Actually, it relates to human nature that can be observed and analyzed by person to person in a real-world environment. In this paper, we have proposed human sentiments analyses associate with social networking apps. These social networking apps must be built smarter so that they could interact with human sentiments. One of the widely used social networking web apps is Facebook, people used to connect, share their achievements, feelings, thinking, point of views, observations, and most probably emotions, through upload status, pictures, videos, and many other ways. We can achieve the goal by collaborating both fields such as human psychology and cognitive, possible to implement while connecting the camera with deep learning computing technology. Detecting and recognizing the real-time face image, analyzing facial expressions, and recommend activities according to the experimental outcomes of the analysis. The purpose is to generate an intelligent bridge between humans and computers which interact in a smart manner.

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Mousab Hamad, Derar Eleyan.

Ransomware transformed into a form of criminal business. malware that takes over a victim's machine or data unusable. it is booming so fast all the world, it is a dangerous threat to users’ and corporates’ data file. Ransomware encrypts files on an infected computer and holds the key to decrypt the files until the victim pays a ransom (this is why it is called ransomware). Ransomware is causing losses financially from hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Every year passes we observe a new version of this destructive malware. And the new versions have new technologies to bypass the defenders. In this paper, we present a brief history of ransomware, the best methods to prevent the infection, how to detect it, and how to recover from this infection. This monster has estimated financial damage of $1 billion. The fact that many Internet users appear to have no awareness of ransomware and do how to awake and protect themselves, they think that with a highly automated tool like it they won’t be targeted because they are normal users in Cyberspace.

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Danuvasin Charoen

This study investigates design thinking and the design sprint approach to problem solving and innovation development. The two approaches are often confused among academics and practitioners. This study provides a comprehensive of about the similarities, differences, and applications of design thinking and design sprint. Both approaches are famous among start-ups and innovative companies in terms of developing innovative products and services. The findings suggest that both approaches have certain similarities and differences and can provide systematic ways to solving problems and developing innovations.

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Chidiebere Nwakamma Ononuju, Lord Justin, Agoha Monica Uzochi, Ikrama Hassan

Despite its multicultural heritage, the United States is still grappling with the task to build an all-inclusive healthcare workforce that reflects its current demographic reality and carter for the health requirements of its progressively heterogeneous patient population. The nation’s colored people are still marginalized in numerous healthcare establishments. Diversity in the healthcare workforce is not just an instrument to make sure there is enough provision of humanly adept care to the nation’s flourishing minority population but can serve as a strategic blueprint to ease entry to health services for the underprivileged neighborhood and uplift the standard of care given to race-related minorities/groups. Hence, it has become very necessary to frankly address the anomalies of lack of access/inclusion and reap the benefits of our nation’s strength in diversity while solving the distinctive health/economic difficulties of the colored people. The fight to create a culture of equal access, inclusion and utility in the Healthcare sector should be a national project. Therefore, this paper aims to lead the discussion on making a case for an increase in the diversity of our workforce in the healthcare sector in America relying on the equity theory. In conclusion the movement there are more advantages/strengths than weaknesses in the diverseness and heterogeneity of our population. Therefore diverseness in the healthcare workforce is not just a tool to promote the provision of quality care to the nation’s flourishing minority population but can serve as a strategic policy to ease entry to health services for the underprivileged, reverse the long stretch of injustice against the colored people, and engender a just/prosperous society.

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Fizza Abbas, Ubaidullah Rajput, Umair Ali Khan, Farwa Abbas

Mobile Social Network (MSN) is an emerging area in recent years where many users are enjoying the facilities of social network on their mobile devices. Encounter-based MSN is a type of MSN where users share a short encounter, exchange some encounter information, and communicate later with the help of the shared encounter information. Encounter-based MSN inherent most of the security and privacy issues associated with MSN. Profile matching is an important and vastly used application of MSN as well as encounter-based MSN. In profile matching, users need to share and match their private information (such as interests). A high similarity may lead to a friendship. The revelation of this private information to an attacker can pose significant threats to the user’s privacy. In encounter-based MSN, a significant issue is the secure and accurate exchange of encounter information that can be later used for verification of the encounter. This paper proposes a secure and privacy preserving profile matching mechanism for encounter-based MSN. We have proposed a secure encounter phase and a profile matching phase. During encounter phase, users share their identity along with their signed public key and encrypted interests. The public key is signed by a registration server. During the profile matching phase, users’ encrypted interests are matched, and the encrypted results are sent to respective users. The exchange of this information is in encrypted form and only legitimate user can decrypt it. To show the feasibility of the proposed scheme, the computational cost is calculated. In the end, it is observed that the proposed scheme is taking reasonable time to calculate the interests securely. Moreover, the comparison shows that proposed scheme also provides prevention from Sybil attacks, impersonation while keeping the privacy of the users intact. Index Terms— Encounter based mobile social network, Interests, Mobile social network (MSN), Privacy, Paillier cryptosystem, Profile matching, Security.

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Barış Hiçsönmez, Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gökçekuş

Global climate change and its result global warming have occurred serious environmental problems which humanity faced. Alternative energy sources are gained attention in order to prevent carbon emissions. In this study, wind characteristics, available wind power density and techno-economic assessments of the wind turbines have been investigated. Data obtained from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) ERA-Interim reanalysis database between 2010-2013. The data is extracted daily, 3 hours time-step, 0,125x0,125 spatial grid resolution with a geographic window 33.625N-33.00W-35.125S-34.375E. The results show that, Karpaz peninsula (Eastern part of the Island) has a marginal classification of wind speed at 10-meter heights. The Annual mean speeds for the Karpaz peninsula have been found between 4.02 – 4,48 m/s and the WPDs are 92.94-111.55 W/s2. Shape and scale parameters have been calculated and Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests have been analysed to the goodness of fit tests. The highest capacity of the wind turbine is determined as 59,7% by the model of SW-2KW with the lowest cost of electricity production which 0.06$/kWh. This study shows that it is possible to produce wind energy with small scale wind turbines between 1-5kW.

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Sir Anderson, Aguswan, Jon Affi, Yuli Yetri, Gunawarman

Corrosion behavior of ß-type titanium alloy, Ti-12Cr, has been investigated within artificial saliva solution to acquire its potential as orthodontic application. Solution treated alloy (Ti-12CrST), aging treated alloy (Ti-12CrAT 60 ks, Ti-12CrAT 30 ks), and CpTi, as a comparator for these two materials, have been immersed in solution at constant temperature 37°C and pH 5 to imitate human body condition. Corrosion behavior was carried out by applying weight loss method with different exposure times (1, 2 and 3 weeks). Surface morphology was analyzed by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Energy dispersive X-Ray (EDX) was used to determine thechemical compositions. The results reveal that the corrosion rate of Ti-12CrAT 60ks, Ti-12CrAT 30ks, Ti-12CrST, and Cp-Ti alloys are 3.88x10-6mmpy, 4.18x10-6mmpy, 4.50x10-6mmpy, and 7.70 x10-6mmpy, respectively. The corrosion rate of all Ti-12Cr types is lower than that of the Cp-Ti. The hardness of Ti-12Cr and Cp-Ti alloys decreased by the exposure time. Ti-12CrAT 30ks with 410.4 HVN has the highest hardness value while Cp-Ti with 158.8 HVN has the lowest one. Low oxygen content on the Ti-12CrAT 60ks surface indicates its corrosion resistance. It can be concluded that the best material for orthodontic application from the corrosion resistance view is Ti-12CrAT 60ks.

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Yassine Larbaoui, Ahmed Naddami, Ahmed Fahli

This paper presents the development of a switching matrix architecture within VISIR system for flexible remote experiments in electronics and electricity while relying on an intelligent algorithm at the software level for experiments control and monitoring through internet. The switching matrix is relying on a developed electronic board topology to enable the interconnection between any two components on VISIR system for remote circuits structuring. The developed intelligent algorithm at the software level enables to have a dynamic control and monitoring on circuits building within VISIR system while respecting the electrical limits of using the current and voltage, where the remote control and monitoring on electrical and electronic components within the switching matrix architecture. The developed switching matrix architecture and the developed algorithm enable to have flexible remote experiments and resilient control on circuits structuring for e-learning purposes, in addition of having more circuit combinations of experiments by offering the possibility of connecting any component to any other component on VISIR system.

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Nurazean Maarop, Deden Witarsyah, Surya Sumarni Hussein, Ganthan Narayana Samy, Noor Hafizah Hassan, Doris Wong Hooi Ten, Roslina Mohammad, Norziha Megat Mohd Zainuddin

Information security matter has become significant element to support digital transformation. The concern is even more vital in organizations as they need to warrant that their information systems are appropriately secured. Hence, the Information Security Management System (ISMS) has been formed to offer many benefits in improving overall organizational security performance, efficiency and management of information. Nevertheless, there is still limited indicator to be applied when assessing ISMS implementation success in organization. In most literature within the Information Systems domain, the success or failure of the implementation of technology is fundamentally measured by the indicator known as net benefit of individual or organization. This study presents the development of ISMS success measurement indicators based on the procedures and the statistical analysis of pilot study. The overall aim is to validate the items relevancy of ISMS implementation success. This study occupies an acceptable pilot sample size of thirty eight respondents through quantitative survey distributed purposively among Malaysian government agencies’ employees who have experienced with ISMS implementation and application. As a result, this study proposes ISMS success model measurement indicators comprising thirty five measurement items.

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Rulli Krisnanda, Harianto Respati, Bambang Supriadi

Malang City is one of the tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia which has a significant increase in tourist arrivals. The increase in tourist visits shows that the needs and desires of so-called tourist lifestyles are increasingly diverse. The local food of a tourist destination is one component that affects the quality of travel. Eating experience (eating experience) which is influenced by the lifestyle of tourists and local food is an important factor in the selection of tourist destinations. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of lifestyle and local food on the selection of tourist destinations in the city of Malang through eating experience. The method used in this research is Path Analysis. The results of the analysis show that eating experience is an intervening variable that can mediate lifestyle variables. Eating experience has the status as an intervening variable that can mediate local food variables on the selection of tourist destinations. This means that the selection of tourist destinations can be built if tourists have an appropriate lifestyle and culinary attractions have quality local food and are easily accessible. The development of marketing strategies, additional product innovations that exceed the expectations of tourists, the development of gastronomic culinary models that are adjusted to the times needs to be done to encourage the interest of tourists visiting Malang and referring others to travel to Malang.

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Kukuh Widyo Utomo, Budi Susetyo

Land acquisition in every construction activity was very important. It usually has been taken a long time and tends to be protracted, it even becomes the main obstacle to job completion. One of the obstacles faced is the difference in land ownership status which requires different handling. This study aimed to create a model by mapping each land ownership status so that the best solution can be found to speed up the land acquisition process. The method used in this research was Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Geographic Information System (GIS) with the aim (goal) in the form of Land Ownership Status with the highest priority scale, and the criteria used are the inhibiting factors of land acquisition from the results of previous studies. The final result of this research is the ranking order of land ownership status obtained from the calculation of the AHP and land acquisition map in the form of a Geographical Information System that displays the areas to be acquired, with thematic color visualization to distinguish the priority level of Land Ownership Status and monitoring the progress of the area. From the results of this study, it is hoped that the Land Acquisition Committee can be assisted in the land acquisition process so that it can accelerate and takes less time to complete the land acquisition process.

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Yue Guan

With the increasing protection of consumer rights, the system of right of return without reason has been regarded as an important methode of consumer protection by more and more countries. Due to the conflict with the principle of freedom of contract, the system of right of return without reason has always been disputed in the theoretical circles. Behavioral economics provides a new perspective for the theoretical study of the right of return without reason. It puts forward the bounded rationality theory on the basis of criticizing the basic assumption of the "Homo Economicus / Economic Man" in classical economics. The bounded rationality theory explains the conflict between the right of return without reason and the freedom of contract principle, and is also an important basis for the right of return without reason. The main research method in the article is the literature research method. Under the circumstance that current Indonesian law does not have right of return without reason, this article will provide a theoretical basis for the right of return without reason in Indonesian law system.

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Kanjana Haruehansapong, Suppat Rungraungsilp

ICT literacy is essentially regarded as one of six strategies in the digital development plan for the Thai economy and society. The identification of students who are ICT literate and those that are not is therefore crucial. Educational institutions normally provide capability testing to classify ICT literacy of students; however, it is inconvenient to examine large groups by testing. This research proposed data mining techniques from historical student information for classification based on a decision tree, to build a model for the ICT literacy classification of the new students. In this way, the results of the ICT capabilities of students will be recognized with no need for knowledge examination by testing all students. If the result of prediction shows that students have low ICT literacy, they are required to attend an online course to improve their ICT literacy skills. As this research created a decision rule using the C4.5 algorithms and tested the predictive efficiency, the accuracy is 86.12%.

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Bushra Sultan, Haroon Ur Rashid Kayani, Fatma Hussain, Hafiz Burhan ul Haq

Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella enteric subspecies 1 serotype typhi. It is difficult to diagnose properly typhoid fever because it involves many variables. Although many medicines are available for the cure of typhoid fever but still a high mortality rate is recorded due to typhoid fever. Many variables are involved in the analysis and documentation of this disease. It becomes more difficult by the uncertainty linked with these variables. If the diagnosis of a disease is accurate then the effectiveness of the treatment will be high, these complications require new advanced techniques and computer tools can be used to manage, store and to achieve the correct medical information which is required by the physicians. These tools suggest timely and accurate diagnosis, prognosis and beneficial decisions. Simulated brainpower is a component of Computer Science that makes computers quick and more efficient. Computer Aided Decision Support System (DSS) is more important as it provide assistance as a server to the physicians in the medical domain by simulating expert human reasoning. For a physician in the medical domain diagnosis, classification and treatment of the disease are the major tasks. In Artificial Intelligence (AI) research the development of system with these objectives is of more interest. More than one AI methods and technique are combined with developed clinical decision support system to complete such multipurpose tasks.

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Majid Ali, Mumtaz Ali, Sadaf Kashif, Shuja Illyas, Akmal Shahzad

the objective of this study is to investigate the impact of training, compensation, and working environment on employee motivation. Survey research designed adopted in this study. To test the hypothesis of the study data was collected using random sampling techniques from 250 Bank Employees, in Rawalpindi. The independent variables were used including Compensation, Working Environment, and Training against Employee Motivation that served as the basis of the dependent variable. The data was run on SPSS to get the results. To find the importance of these variables and to evaluate the results Cronbach’s Alpha, descriptive statistics, correlation, regression, and ANOVA were used. The results show that the independent variables Compensation, Working Environment, and Training has a positive and significant relationship with the dependent variable Employees Motivation.

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Maryam Faisal Almutairi

The main goal of this study is identifying the perceptions and experiences of Saudis with the adoption of internet banking services. While most of the available literature centers on the Western context, some studies have focused on an Eastern context. The research applied a qualitative design to investigate the phenomenon. Purposeful sampling was used to select 57 participants, among whom were 12 middle-level bank managers from IT and sales departments and 45 customers associated with three banks - Saudi British Bank (SABB), Riyadh Bank and Banque Saudi Fransi. Only 30 participants were available during the period that the research was conducted. They were interviewed and thematic analysis was used to analyze the textual data from the interview responses. The themes that arose were trust, privacy, complexity, and infrastructure. This study concludes that there is a need to train bank employees and enlighten the population on the benefits of internet banking.

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Paul Essel, Dominic Otoo, Mark Amo-Boateng, Thomas Tetteh Akiti

Ghana has a stockpile of disused radioactive sources that need to be managed and dispose of. The Accra Plains is a probable site to host such a repository in Ghana. To evaluate the long-term safety of the proposed repository, a model of the geosphere and disposal system of a hypothetical radioactive waste repository sited in the Accra Plains, was developed using the AMBER simulation tool. After the engineered barriers of the repository deteriorate, undecayed radionuclides escape through groundwater and migrate through the geosphere. The model functions to monitor the escaping radionuclides, to mitigate its effects on humans and the environment. The model also purposes as a tool for calculation of the annual effective dose on a receptor dwelling around an abstraction borehole located at 4km, 1km and 200m down the hydraulic gradient of the hypothetical repository. Predicted results were used to assess the suitability of the site to host such a repository. Radiation exposure to the receptor is assumed to occur from abstraction and use of groundwater from the geosphere via the abstraction borehole. The groundwater is used for domestic purposes, that is drinking, and agricultural purposes, viz., watering animals and irrigation of crops. The predicted results for liquid releases in terms of the calculated peak annual effective dose in all cases were significantly lower than the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) dose constraint of 0.3mSv/y. The results thus indicate that the Accra Plains is capable to safely host a radioactive waste disposal facility for Ghana’s disused radioactive sources.

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Discussion about Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)and its factors

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ISSN 2277-8616
IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1